Thursday, September 18, 2014

Acid of The Mind

Alkalizing Is Not Just about Food

For my fourth day of juicing, I used a little too much red lentil hummus--but these new non-garbanzo hummuses (hummi?) are delicious!

A Busy Day

It was a super busy and full day, and I completed a couple projects I've dragged out too long. But, I didn't pay enough specific attention to alkalizing and "drank" too much red lentil hummus and not enough SuperGreens. My weight plateaued and I felt less hydrated. A bad day? No. Could have been more alkalizing? Yes.

My attention to juicing slipped. The day was alkalizing but the juicing was less so, and reminds me that it isn't just about the food: We eat alkalizing foods because of our intentions. This will continue until it becomes a solid HABIT.

Call to Action!

What are you deciding on today?
Make that decision and cut off everything else.

For me, today I decide to hydrate with SuperGreens.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Three Alkalizing Juice Fast Days

Decisions Make All The Difference

This alkalizing SuperGreens juice fast seems to be "easier" than past ones...

Figuring out why might help others, but sometimes it's hard to understand it when you're right in the middle of things.

However, it feels like it helps to decide anew every day: "Today, I'm juice fasting."
No expectations, no pressure, no worrying for the future or for a specific outcome other than taking juice (okay, and some edamame hummus!).

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Alkaline Juice Fasting Results - Day 2

Day Two Way Better Than Expected!

I was pretty much thinking I might cave in to some bacon, but on my morning walk I decided to decide on continuing my Alkalarian juice fast, and I'm glad I did. Almost every symptom diminished or went away--not to say they won't be back if/as I continue, but it was nice not to have so many food cravings.
"A true decision involves cutting off every  other possibility."

Here's what helped the cravings today:

  • Continued LL Chromium/ Vanadium
  • Continued SuperGreens
  • Eating 2 tablespoons three times in the day of edamame hummus (see pic below)
I know this might be cheating, sort of, but the hummus was not chickpeas/garbanzo beans, which are slightly acidic. No, they were this wonderful creation I found in a mainstream grocery store: edamame hummus
Soy beans (edamame) are very alkaline--maybe less so when processed a bit, bit it was delicious, my digestive system didn't have to work to hard since it was pureed, and the taste was terrific.
I highly recommend this jewel of a food and plan to use it again today and continue my juice fast.

Happy Alkalizing!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Alkalizing Juice Fasting Results

The Alkalizing Green Vegetable Juicing Results Are In

"Symptoms" of Juicing and Detoxing

  • Less bloated feeling
  • Slight headache several times during the day
  • Craved bacon for a little while
  • Tongue felt "weird"
  • Increased focus (working on blog and other alkalizing activities)

Cravings Relief

Ok, I craved bacon but also I craved the desire to look around at food in my kitchen. I always caught myself though, and I turned this into a reminder to do one of three things:
  1. Make or Drink more SuperGreens
  2. Put a few drops of Chromium/Vanadium under my tongue
  3. Get back to working on the blog

Call to Action!

If you're having trouble staying on an Alkalarian Journey, turn triggers for "relapse" into "reminders" to do something alkalizing.

And here's the link to the Chromium/Vanadium drops, which helped me with reducing cravings:
LL Chromium / Vanadium

Sunday, September 14, 2014

One Day "Cleanse" = One Day Juice Fast

I'm taking Tony Robbins' advice and deciding to master this plateau...
No Quitting, No Stressing


Mastering a plateau means following the successful example of someone who's done this before me. A person who exemplifies good health, balance, distinctions of knowledge about health, and shares their insights and example willingly.

I can take my pick from these four strong Alkalarian candidates:
Anthony Robins

Rosalina Hom

Shelly Redford Young & Dr. Robert Young

Action Plan?

So, my plan of action is to take a one-day SuperGreens fast and see how it goes. I expect my acidic patterns will make me feel bored and tempt me to eat. I will be working on my alkalizing blog most of the day, so that will help me stay reminded. I will also listen to positive music and use LL Chromium/Vanadium to balance any acidic food cravings. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow and see if another day of juicing is in the cards!

Summary of Helps

(PS: Just so you know, I haven't talked to these guys and they aren't endorsing me or anything like that... They are simply some role models of mine, and I'm sharing that fact here.)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Take Heart During Alkalarian Plateaus

I think I've reached an Alkalarian Plateau: A little tired again, no additional weight loss, a few acidic "slips..." What to do?

A plateau is a time period in which you're working just as hard as ever, but your progress slows or stops (momentarily). There are three responses to plateaus, and I talk about them briefly.

Tony Robbins Discusses Plateaus (#tonytalk)

  • The Dabbler Quits
  • The Stresser Panics
  • The Master Seeks Clues for Success

Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Beautiful Dawn

It's a beautiful September 11th morning...

I'll let the video and photographs speak for themselves today...