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The 2013 website revision has made navigation, information-seeking, and purchasing simpler and easier.
The 2014 website includes links to monthly specials (note: not every month has a special deal)
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Lowered Prices from 2013 Remain for 2014 and Beyond

If you purchased InnerLightTM Products before, you will be pleased to know that retail prices are now lower than the old "Distributor" prices from the past.

A US$130 SuperGreensTM container is now and permanently only US$84.96.

Similar lower prices are in effect for all products.

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Ever Wondered about the Ingredients?

How do you know you are getting a good green powder? Read the ingredients listed on the label. How many are "Green"? Be sure and look at "Other Ingredients" for hidden fillers not in the main supplement panel. Check out InnerLight SuperGreen's label:
SuperGreens Ingredient List