FAQs for SuperGreens

Q: Why InnerLight SuperGreens?

A: You already know you need to eat better. You know that greens, vegetables, and fruits need to be a big part of that. SuperGreens contains many cereal grasses including Kamut grass, Barley grass, and Wheat grass. Nutritionally, these grasses are close cousins to dark green leafy vegetables, but offer far greater levels of "nutrient density." In other words, an ounce of these concentrated green foods contains much more of the beneficial phytonutrients found in an ounce of green vegetables.

Green powder formulas are one of the best ways of getting the body back on track toward total wellness. There are many benefits of SuperGreens on so many different systems of the body — things like detoxification, blood sugar regulation, cholesterol regulation, and more. But one benefit that many people don’t know about is the energy boosting benefit that comes from taking SuperGreens. A daily intake of SuperGreens can help get rid of sluggishness and fatigue by giving your body all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes it needs to work efficiently. Single-ingredient powders (wheat grass, barley or alfalfa, for example) may be easier to find, but you should look for a mixture of grasses and vegetables, which are easily assimilated and rapidly alkalizing, and combinations that are naturally rich in fiber, which bind with and remove toxins from the body. SuperGreens is a blend of grasses, leaves, vegetables and sprouts, combined to give optimal results. SuperGreens is nutrient rich and helps to pull you’re your body from acidic to alkaline, reaching a natural, ideal, pH balance.

Q: How does SuperGreens differ from other greens products?

A: One of the big differences with SuperGreens compared to other greens products is that we don’t dilute SuperGreens with fillers, binders, or other inexpensive ingredients to make the label look impressive. Some of the more popular greens products on the market contain mostly wheat grass, rice excipients or other binding agents or are single ingredient powders. Many health conscious consumers know the important health benefits of Cereal grasses like Kamut grass and barley grass the first two ingredients listed on the SuperGreens label along with other beneficial grasses, leaves, vegetables, herbs and sprouts. SuperGreens contains no binders or fillers, and dollar for dollar is more cost effective. Don’t settle for inferior greens that can’t compare.

Q: Can I use SuperGreens more than once a day?

A: Certainly! Many people drink SuperGreens first thing in the morning and then enjoy another serving in the mid-afternoon, if their energy level begins to fall. We recommend one scoop in 32 ounces of water, (easiest to mix in a water bottle) 3-4 times per day for best results.

SuperGreens is a wonderfully restorative and balancing food. After your body has become accustomed to one scoop of SuperGreens daily, you can gradually increase the amount you use. For convenience, SuperGreens vegetarian capsules are an easy alternative for those who like the benefit of additional support during their day.

Q: Can I take more than one scoop of SuperGreens?

A: Absolutely! Put as much powder as you like in the water. Since it is not a medicine, you can consume it whenever you desire extra nourishment and support. Most people begin with one scoop in a liter water bottle per day and then gradually increase to 3-4 bottles per day. We suggest you mix in a water bottle so you can keep the product mixed. You can also add more powder to each serving but we recommend you also increase your water intake. SuperGreens is especially helpful during times of extra stress. We encourage you to experiment with your daily serving to find the serving size that best supports you.

Q: If I take only one scoop of SuperGreens, will it still benefit me?

A: Yes! While we recommend using one scoop mixed in 32 ounces of water 3 times per day, any quantity offers valuable support and nourishment.

Q: How much do SuperGreens cost?

A: SuperGreens powder is available in three sizes and capsules. Larger sizes equal bigger savings but SuperGreens cost less than 2.00 per day, far less than the average cup of coffee. 110 g = 37 servings; 180 g = 60 servings; 420 g = 140 servings; 90 & 180 count capsules = 45 and 90 servings.

Q: What about water?

A: The single most important thing you can learn is to get your body plenty of pure water. And not just any water—alkalizing water. Adding Prime pH drops or Alka-Blast to your water provides an easy way to insure good water all the time. Ideally, you’ll get at least four liters (about a gallon) of good water every day. If that sounds like a lot to you right now don’t worry: As you hydrate your body properly, you’ll develop more of a thirst for water. You should also note that food cravings are often the body’s cry for water. You might already have more of a thirst than you even realize. Getting liberal amounts of alkaline water (2 drops Prime pH per ounce of water) neutralizes stored acid wastes and, if consumed every day in conjunction with a good diet, gently removes the acids from the body.

Q: Can I mix SuperGreens in my green smoothie?

A: Absolutely! In fact we highly recommend it. SuperGreens is a great starter ingredient for your Green Smoothie if you want your smoothies loaded with nutrition, without adding any sugar or much effort.

Q: Can I mix SuperGreens with other foods?

A: Combining SuperGreens with other foods that have not been broken down by blending or juicing can slow its absorption; however, it will still provide your body with deep levels of nutrition. Using less powder in water until you become accustomed to the flavor of green foods is better.

Q: Can I mix my SuperGreens beverage ahead of time and drink it later in the day?

A: Although this might be convenient, it is not the best idea. SuperGreens contains many valuable active enzymes. These enzymes are dormant in the dried powder and become activated when SuperGreens is mixed with water. You will therefore experience the most benefits if you drink your SuperGreens within an hour or so of mixing it. If that is inconvenient for you, try our SuperGreens capsules. You can carry them with you for easy consumption during a busy day.

Q: Does SuperGreens contain Fiber?

A: Yes, SuperGreens is 46% fiber. The statistics are screaming at us from many different sources telling us to get more fiber in our diets. Our diets and lifestyle have to change in order for us to see significant health improvements. It is recommended that adults get 20-35 grams of fiber per day to get the full-body benefit that comes from eating fiber. Most of us struggle to get the recommended number of vegetables each day and as a result don’t come close to getting the fiber our body needs to function at it best. SuperGreens can give you a good start to reaching that recommended daily amount.

Q: How can you add fiber back into your diet, and the diet of your family?

A: Drink SuperGreens everyday. The water is extremely important when adding fiber. Get your teens on SuperGreens! Try capsules

Q: Can I mix SuperGreens with juice?

A: We don’t recommend this. Mixing SuperGreens in an acidic juice can hinder the alkalizing effects of the greens. The very best way to take SuperGreens is with water. The taste can be a little over-bearing for some people though, especially if they’ve never taken a greens product before. Less powder in Alkaline water can help ease into the program. Try adding a squeeze of
fresh lemon or lime for flavor. Lime and lemon taste acidic and sourish but when consumed, they are really alkaline-forming in the stomach.

Q: Can I mix SuperGreens with something hot, like soup?

A: We don’t recommend this. The active beneficial enzymes in SuperGreens can be damaged by too much heat. For best results, do not mix your SuperGreens in anything warmer than body temperature.

Q: How do I mix my SuperGreens?

A: Use plain water! If that is unappealing to you, experiment with the amount of powder or you can also add a squeeze of lemon or lime it adds flavor without any sugars. We suggest you mix your SuperGreens in a water bottle so you can shake it up to keep the greens well mixed. Make up one bottle at a time, and use at room temperature. Your body has to work to warm up an iced drink or cool down a hot drink, so you can save it some stress this way.

Q: How can I continue using my SuperGreens when traveling?

A: Even when you are vacationing, traveling can be stressful and demanding — SuperGreens can be especially valuable during these times to help smooth out adjustments to new locations, sleep patterns, and foods. SuperGreens travels well if you protect it from direct sunlight, moisture, and intense heat. Either order SuperGreens single serving packets or simply transfer some of your powdered SuperGreens into a small container or baggie, or use SuperGreens capsules.

Q: How quickly will I notice my pH levels changing once I begin using SuperGreens?

A: Most users can expect to see an improvement in their pH levels in just a few days if they test their saliva with pH litmus paper. It’s very important that you stop eating acidic food if you’re truly serious about balancing your pH. You will still benefit from drinking SuperGreens but what you eat is extremely important to overall pH balance. If you continue to load up on soda, coffee, sugar, alcohol, and highly processed foods SuperGreens will serve only as a temporary Band-Aid. If you make dietary changes that are life giving and highly alkalizing to the body, you will experience tremendous improvements in the way you feel and look.

Q: What’s the shelf life of SuperGreens?

A: SuperGreens has a minimum of three years from the packaging date provided it is stored in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight. All the labels are clearly marked with an expiration date. The product is safe to use long after the expiration date however you may notice a difference in the freshness of the taste.

Q: I eat the purest foods I can find. Is SuperGreens made with organic ingredients?

A: Yes, it is — your health matters to us! InnerLight is committed to using certified organic and wildcrafted ingredients. The best ingredients help protect our bodies from harmful toxins, and assure optimal nutrition and potency. All our ingredients pass rigorous testing and quality inspections. Additionally, SuperGreens does not contain any fillers or artificial sweeteners, colorings, flavorings, additives, or preservatives. We never use chemicals, ever! Moreover, none of the ingredients in SuperGreens are grown with genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Q: How do I know SuperGreens safe? There have been so many stories about the safety and truth-in-labeling of supplements.

A: SuperGreens has been safely consumed by tens of thousands of people for more than 20 years. In addition, for thousands of years, traditional cultures all around the world have safely used these same ingredients for health and nutritional support. Today, research proves the wisdom of their choice! We enhance and protect these precious ingredients with meticulous testing and processing standards. Our facility is certified and licensed to manufacture certified organic products and is registered with the FDA, and we adhere to CGMP (certified good manufacturing practices).

Q: Is there anyone who should not use SuperGreens?

A: SuperGreens may be contraindicated for those using blood-thinning or hyperthyroid medications. Doctors often recommend that people using blood-thinning medications limit their consumption of green, leafy vegetables. We suggest you consult with your physician before adding SuperGreens to your daily routine.

Q: Will SuperGreens help me lose weight?

A: Many users notice that SuperGreens helps curb their appetite therefore assisting a weight loss regimen. An improper diet deficient in vital nutrition causes the body to crave more food since its nutritional needs are not being met. SuperGreens supplies your body with an abundance of nutrients it desperately needs. Once your cellular nutritional needs are satisfied, your body craves less food and your metabolism has a chance to return to normal.

Q: Can I use SuperGreens when I’m dieting or fasting?

A: Many of our customers and staff members have enjoyed wonderful benefits when using SuperGreens during a special diet or fast, as SuperGreens helps stabilize energy levels and is easy to digest. Not only are the naturally occurring nutrients in SuperGreens highly bioavailable, but SuperGreens is also an excellent source of purifying chlorophyll, which helps to enhance the detoxifying process. (Fasting before surgery is not typical fasting and you should talk to your Doctor before taking any food or drink)

Q: Will SuperGreens give me more energy?

A: Most users of SuperGreens experience a dramatic improvement in their overall energy levels within the first week. The high chlorophyll content helps oxygenate the body and improves overall energy levels. The nutrients in SuperGreens are also immediately bioavailable at the cellular level and fuel your cells with life. You’ll be amazed at the balanced energy your body has once you replace artificial stimulants like coffee with proper nutrition.

Q: Why doesn’t SuperGreens contain any chlorella or Spirulina?

A: Chlorella and spirulina are algae harvested from the sea. It’s our belief that man’s best source of nutrition comes from the land not the sea though in recent years there has been much debate on algae based products in the health food industry. From a health standpoint, spirulina and chlorella require an acid medium (water) to grow whereas grasses require a slightly alkaline medium (soil). We feel this is an important factor in trying to alkalize the body. Some notable health experts on the subject of pH do not promote the use of spirulina and chlorella. We’ve chosen to keep SuperGreens free of these ingredients because we want to offer a product that is based solely on grasses that have a long, successful track record of improving people’s health.

Q: I’m pregnant. Can I use SuperGreens?

A: Many pregnant and nursing women have used SuperGreens and had great results. We would highly suggest as with other dietary supplements if you have any questions or concerns, consult your doctor or health care professional.

Q: Can my five-year-old drink SuperGreens?

A: SuperGreens is wonderful for children of all ages. Even a small amount can help balance the nutritional extremes created by children’s finicky food preferences! Just remember to start very slowly when introducing SuperGreens into their diet — begin with one-quarter of a scoop, and build slowly to a serving size appropriate for their body weight. And remember that it is always essential for everyone, including children, to drink plenty of pure, water!

Q: Can I feed SuperGreens to my pets?

A: Please do — they love it! Even carnivorous animals regularly eat grass and greens for their natural purifying properties and trace minerals. Many veterinarians and breeders recommend SuperGreens. Just remember that pets need to begin slowly as well, and please adjust the serving size for their body weight.

Q: I have allergies and am very sensitive. Can I use SuperGreens?

A: Many people with multiple allergies thrive when using SuperGreens. Not only does SuperGreens contain no common allergens, but its vibrant life energy, active enzymes, and abundant phytonutrients are especially nourishing to a body already stressed by allergies and dietary limitations. There is no gluten in any of our grass juices or sprouted grains.

Q: Can people allergic to gluten use SuperGreens?

A: SuperGreens is ‘Gluten Free” and meets FDA regulation for gluten free labeling. Wheat and barley are high sources of gluten only when the grain has reached full maturity. During the early growth stage while they are still grasses there is no gluten present and therefore they should not cause any problems for those who are gluten intolerant. But, because there is always a slight chance of more mature plant material entering the harvest, those who are severely intolerant to gluten may want to start with very small amounts of SuperGreens. When in doubt, it is best to use personal judgment or consult your health practitioner.

Q: I have an overgrowth of Candida albicans yeast and have been advised to avoid mushrooms. Does this mean I can’t use SuperGreens?

A: SuperGreens's does not contain any mushrooms and is formulated to offer natural, balancing support to your body’s own immune response. You may want to consider also using Caprilenic our product specifically formulated for control of yeast.

Q: What is “cleansing”?

A: Every moment of every day our bodies are naturally eliminating toxins and the by-products of metabolism. This daily “cleansing” is an essential bodily function akin to regular, healthy housekeeping. Often, when we first begin taking SuperGreens, we may notice that our body’s natural cleansing functions are more pronounced. This happens when our cells begin to receive the active enzymes, pigments and vibrant phytonutrients found in SuperGreens. They gain additional energy to help eliminate toxins that can interfere with optimal health. As our body moves toxins to the colon and skin for elimination, in some cases, you may notice softer stool, more frequent bowel movements, or mild itching, rashes, or blemishes. People with a history of drug or alcohol use or excess toxin build-up, may even experience some mild flu-like symptoms. In almost all cases, these sorts of natural reactions are short-lived – and many people who use SuperGreens don’t experience any noticeable cleansing responses at all (even though they are cleansing). In most cases, if you experience a cleansing response that feels uncomfortable, simply reduce your serving size of SuperGreens, and then increase it gradually over a several week period. And please don’t forget your water! It is very important to drink an abundance of water, especially when your body is naturally cleansing.

Q: Why is my stool green after I drink SuperGreens?

A: The green color is from the abundance of chlorophyll found in the grasses and vegetable in SuperGreens. Chlorophyll is a highly beneficial pigment, rich in nutrients, that enhances the body’s natural purification and cleansing process.

Q: My stools have become very soft (or more frequent) since I began taking SuperGreens. Is this normal?

A: This is normal and beneficial! As your body becomes accustomed to deep nourishment at the cellular level, it begins to eliminate toxins from cells and transports them, along with fluid, to the colon for rapid elimination. For most people, this is a crucial component in creating more radiant health and optimal energy. It is healthy and normal for people to have one or more bowel movements a day.

Q: I’m healthy and eat a good diet. Will SuperGreens be of any benefit to me?

A: Absolutely! Radiant health is a process, not a destination at which we arrive and then remain. Even the most nutritious diet and healthiest person benefit from the concentrated
nutrients and vibrant phytonutrients found in SuperGreens. No matter how healthy we are, we still live in a toxic world, filled with daily stressors!

Q: Should I take an occasional break from drinking SuperGreens?

A: SuperGreens has been carefully formulated to provide balancing support on a daily basis. Just as there is no need to take an occasional break from eating vegetables, there is no need to interrupt your use of SuperGreens. In fact, many of the herbs and other foods in SuperGreens are tonic in nature. This means they provide the greatest strengthening benefits when consumed regularly, in balanced quantities, for long periods of time. Moreover, SuperGreens formula is energetically balanced.

Q: I’ve been using SuperGreens for six months now, and I know it has really contributed to my health. I’m wondering, though, why I don’t notice its effects as much as I did at first.

A: Although most people continue to notice enhanced vitality and a greater sense of well-being after using SuperGreens for years, sometimes we all forget to notice! In our culture, we’ve become accustomed to the “magic bullet” approach — we associate health with a rush. When we first begin consuming a deeply nourishing food such as SuperGreens, our bodies respond noticeably to the increased levels of nutrition, protective phytonutrients, and vibrant life energy present in it. That response continues — what changes is our attention. As our bodies become accustomed to an enhanced sense of well-being, we stop noticing. It’s much like recovering from the flu. When we’ve had the flu and then begin to feel better, we really notice how good it feels to be well again. A couple of weeks later, though, we no longer notice that feeling of wellness because it has, once again, become normal to us.

Wellness is a process, not a static goal we reach and then replace. We consume foods and products that support our well-being not just because they help us feel better today, but because they support our health for a lifetime. There is no way to measure what unpleasant experience we might avoid tomorrow by making healthy choices today.

Q: I’m sensitive to the “green” taste of SuperGreens. Is there a way I can disguise that?

A: Don’t give up! Some people have trouble adjusting to the taste at first, but almost everyone discovers that it becomes more pleasing to them in time. A squeeze of lemon or lime juice helps enhance the flavor for some people or using a bit less powder. Just experiment until you find a flavor combination that most appeals to you. Your other option is simply to use SuperGreens capsules.

Q: Why doesn’t my SuperGreens stick to the scoop?

SuperGreens has a negative charge (-56mv). The micro-ionization process (charge on the product) is not one you can see with the human eye. If you take the SuperGreens you have in your possession, take out the anti-static scoop, close it up, shake the container, then stick a typical plastic spoon (from a fast food restaurant or equivalent) you will see the SuperGreens will clearly stick and stand up on that spoon. Sometimes the scoop in the SuperGreens is a negatively charged (anti-static) scoop and as a result you may not see the SuperGreens stick to it. There is no issue with the efficacy of the SuperGreens however storage of the SuperGreens and humidity can be a factor also over years (4, 5 or more) after the manufacture date, they could show less of a charge.

Q: Is there a difference between SuperGreens capsules and SuperGreens powder?

A: Both are identical except that because the powder form is instantly soluble, it will be assimilated more rapidly than the capsules and some digestion of the soluble powder may occur in the mouth and esophagus as well.

Q: Is it okay to take multi-vitamins with SuperGreens?

A: Yes, you can continue taking multi-vitamins while taking SuperGreens. SuperGreens is a whole food product which is derived from a blend of grasses, vegetables and herbs and will not
interfere with your multivitamins. In fact, the enzymes and phytochemicals in SuperGreens can assist with the assimilation of multivitamins.

Q: Can I overdose on SuperGreens?

A: No, SuperGreens is a whole food derived from freshly squeezed grasses, vegetables, sprouts and herbs. You can’t overdose on SuperGreens. It is equivalent to eating more fresh green vegetables.

Q: How many calories in SuperGreens?

A: SuperGreens has 8 calories per serving.

Q: Where should I store SuperGreens?

A: As SuperGreens should be kept away from moisture and sunlight, it should be stored in its own jar in your cupboard with the lid fastened securely. We do not recommend storing SuperGreens in the refrigerator where condensation could cause nutrients to oxidize and break down.

Q: Will SuperGreens upset my stomach?

A: No, SuperGreens is mildly alkaline, which pH balances the acidic stomach juices. This can aid in settling the stomach.

Q: What does the chlorophyll do?

A: The chlorophyll content of SuperGreens is a natural detoxifier and rids the intestines of stored toxins. Because it is a natural detoxifier, it also aids in reducing bad breath.

Q: Is there a difference in the chlorophyll you buy as a supplement versus chlorophyll you obtain from natural sources like SuperGreens?

A: Yes. It is impossible to isolate naturally occurring chlorophyll. Therefore, those supplements containing chlorophyll are not in the same form as one finds in live plants. SuperGreens is an excellent way to obtain chlorophyll in its natural state. InnerLight Liquid Chlorophyll is a concentrated, dense, tasteless (almost) source of chlorophyll that you can add to any drink to give your body a constant source of chlorophyll. It is amazing the difference it makes to your energy. And unlike most liquid chlorophyll supplements it isn’t refined, highly processed or packed full of sweeteners. It can be added to SuperGreens or taken alone.

Q: Will taking SuperGreens after or with meals hinder its effectiveness?

A: You can drink SuperGreens anytime, but we suggest you take it alone so that your body can assimilate the full benefits of its properties quickly and easily without other foods being present to slow this process.

Q: Will SuperGreens cause diarrhea or constipation?

A: SuperGreens will help rebuild healthy intestinal flora and therefore may have a positive effect on regularity and gas. SuperGreens has traditionally been used to promote regularity and does not cause constipation, however it is important to drink plenty of water because of the natural fiber content of SuperGreens.

Q: Is SuperGreens okay to take if I have health problems?

A: Always check with a health practitioner regarding medical conditions before taking any dietary supplement.

Q: Where in the digestive tract is SuperGreens assimilated?

A: Assimilation begins in the mouth, and continues in the esophagus, stomach, and intestines, i.e. all along the entire gastrointestinal tract. 

Q: How fast should I drink SuperGreens?

A: We recommend that you sip SuperGreens in order to increase absorption by mouth, esophagus and the entire gastrointestinal tract.

Q: Are all of InnerLight products alkaline?

A: Yes, relative to the pH of the stomach, all of our products are alkaline, ranging from pH 7.0-7.5.

Q: How much is 1 scoop of SuperGreens? 

A: Approximately 1 teaspoon

Q: If I eat a lot of vegetables do I need SuperGreens?

A: Because more than a pound of greens may be used to make a mere ounce of powder, cereal grasses can offer a greater nutrient density by volume than the various green vegetables you’ll find in the supermarket produce department. The upside of choosing a SuperGreens is you’ll get a larger dose of the good stuff and the benefits of drinking alkaline water. So even though our day-to-day foodstuffs should be our first line of defense against the negative effects of stress, pollution and other factors that compromise our health and well-being, the sad fact is that our daily diets leave us vulnerable to low energy, poor health, and premature aging.

Q: What about the premixed green juices?

A: Premixed green drinks are convenient, but will generally contain less variety and total quantity of greens than what you will get in a single serving of SuperGreens. Many contain large amounts of sugar, preservatives and an unspecified amount of actual greens.

Q: How do I know SuperGreens actually contains greens?

A: A reputable greens product clearly state how much of the supplement is actually greens. SuperGreens ingredients are listed on the label in order by the amount of each ingredient from most used to the least used.

Q: How long do SuperGreens last when opened?

Usually about 3-4 months. After that they can lose their fresh taste and might seem stale.

Q: What are the biggest benefits of a SuperGreens?

Most people report having better energy after taking SuperGreens. For other people it’s simply the convenience and knowing they get their Greens everyday. They know they won’t have enough green foods if they’re left to their own devices, so adding a powder to your daily routine fills in what they don’t get. It’s also a good way to make sure you’re eating a wide variety of superfoods that would otherwise be very difficult to consume. Ask yourself….how often would you eat barley grass or wheatgrass if you didn’t have SuperGreens?

We hope this information helps start you on your journey to personal health!

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ~Hippocrates

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.
– Thomas A. Edison

Taken from the www.InnerLightInc.com/mharris website

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