Monday, September 8, 2014

Cigarette Smoking and Alkalizing?

There's no way around... cigarette smoking is acidic.
But there's no way around the fact that quitting smoking is HARD.

Just Drink SuperGreens?

Well, when I was a smoker, I drank a lot of alkalizing SuperGreens to cleanse and balance me out, and while that didn't empty my lungs and blood of noxious cigarette toxins, I think it helped me some. I guess I aspire to be a purist, but I'm in Generation X, and we are, at the heart most things, practical.
So, I have these two questions:
  • Is smoking and using SuperGreens the best thing? No
  • Is smoking and using SuperGreens while you smoke or try to quit smoking better than just smoking? I think YES!

So, Attention All Smokers:

  • You are welcome here.
  • You will not be shamed.
  • Any step you take toward alkalizing is a GOOD thing.

Have You Decided to Quit?

If you haven't, that's fine... you know the pros and cons. But if you have decided and it's just really hard, then get this book immediately (I used the audio version):
Easy Way to Stop Smoking

And here's the link for ordering delicious SuperGreens:
Would love to hear any comments, either below or by email!

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