Thursday, September 18, 2014

Acid of The Mind

Alkalizing Is Not Just about Food

For my fourth day of juicing, I used a little too much red lentil hummus--but these new non-garbanzo hummuses (hummi?) are delicious!

A Busy Day

It was a super busy and full day, and I completed a couple projects I've dragged out too long. But, I didn't pay enough specific attention to alkalizing and "drank" too much red lentil hummus and not enough SuperGreens. My weight plateaued and I felt less hydrated. A bad day? No. Could have been more alkalizing? Yes.

My attention to juicing slipped. The day was alkalizing but the juicing was less so, and reminds me that it isn't just about the food: We eat alkalizing foods because of our intentions. This will continue until it becomes a solid HABIT.

Call to Action!

What are you deciding on today?
Make that decision and cut off everything else.

For me, today I decide to hydrate with SuperGreens.

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