Monday, August 25, 2014

Acid-Alkaline Rating Scale (AARS)

Acid-Alkaline Rating Scale (AARS)

Maybe something like this has been done before--and if so, I apologize--but I haven't seen one so I just created this handy scale to track your subjective acid-alkaline feeling sense.
This isn't scientific, and it may change some, but for now it's a Zero (0) to Ten (10) Likert scale:
  • 0 = The worst, most acidic you have ever felt with significant disease
  • 5 = Mid-Point: not feeling terrible or stressed but knowing/suspecting you can feel better
  • 10 = The best, most energetic with complete vitality you have ever felt
Today in the video, I gave myself a five, but after working out the scale numbers, I would revise it to a four. As I continue on the Alkalarian Journey, I'll try and revise it and fill in the number gaps in between these three benchmark points.

Rapid Total Body Detox Cleanse

This is working okay--not too strong, not too weak. A full-out SuperGreens cleanse is stronger than this (so far), if you're wondering about a comparison. (Here is info on the 7-Day SuperGreens Cleanse.)
Rapid Cleanse detox (used with my SuperGreens)
Total Body Rapid Cleanse detox product I used with SuperGreens

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