Monday, April 7, 2014

Cleanse Calls to Alkalize Start Today!

 Spring Cleanse at

The Spring Cleanse Support Calls Start Today!

April 7 through April 11, 2014


The InnerLight Cleanse is BACK with product expert Rosalina Hom, who will lead the support calls, provide sensible information, and support both beginners and experienced cleansers in this Alkalarian Cleanse.

CALL: 212-990-8000 and use PIN 3163#


Everyone is welcome to call! Ask questions, get advice or just listen in.


9:00-10:00PM Eastern Daylight Saving Time (UTC-5)
(8PM Central, 7PM Mountain, 6PM Pacific) - Click Here For Time Zone Calculator
Monday, April 7 through Friday, April 11, 2014

CALL: 212-990-8000 and use PIN 3163#

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A Spring Cleaning for your body! It's only FIVE days--Very Do-able!
Get your supplies here (specials through April 2014)!!

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