Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Beginner's Guide to Alkalizing

Problems Beginners Face

Many people want to try SuperGreens, but the "trumpet blast" for an alkaline lifestyle turns them off.
Common Beginner Alkalizing Lifestyle Problem
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Sure, I should drink eight glasses of water and exercise 30 minutes and eat vegetables and sleep eight hours and monitor my pH level and balance the stress in my life every day... But I can't do that!!

And you're right. In our busy world, it's too much to do all at once, so one of two things happen:
  1. You never start (Overwhelmed with all the advice) or
  2. You quit (Discouraged from too much advice)
Either way, you miss out on any alkalizing benefits and get trapped in a cycle of acidic failure and avoidance--the exact opposite of your goal.

Common Beginner Mistakes

Mistakes in Alkalizing Goal Setting
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While it's important to have an alkalizing lifestyle, changing everything at once is too much. In fact, reading about everything at once can be too much for many of us. While huge change is possible, we're just not naturally geared for changes that are too big, too many, or not specific. Goal-setting can help, but sometimes we don't even get around to writing them down.

Don't make the mistake of taking on too much at first. Instead, try these three simple steps...
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Three Beginner Steps to Avoid Failure

1. Don't order the biggest SuperGreens package

  • You don't need the most expensive SuperGreens products to get started.
  • If you do feel super committed though, then I recommend the US$153 SuperGreens Economy Bundle (it comes with a water bottle--see #2 below).

2. Mix your SuperGreens in a water bottle (it's totally easier)

  • If you have a water bottle, I recommend buying the CornerStone Bundle for US$49.
  • If you need a water bottle, I recommend the Starter Bundle for US$52 (the extra three dollars gets you a water bottle, a CD with an alkalizing pep talk, and an alkalizing booklet).

3. Mix your SuperGreens into water and something else to get used to the taste

  • SuperGreens will taste new to you (i.e., different), unless you've used green drinks before or eat a lot of green vegetables.
  • Beginners: Mix your SuperGreens into tomato juice instead of water at first. I started alkalizing in 1997 doing it this way. About a week later, I realized I enjoyed green vegetables, and moved on to lemon juice (next step).
  • Experienced Beginners: Mix your SuperGreens with water and a few drops of lemon juice (I was surprised how much this changes the taste).
  • Once you drink SuperGreens for about two weeks, it will taste familiar (i.e., good) to your taste buds.
  • Warning: Some green drinks add in apple juice or a sweetener, so they'll taste "familiar." This just means your taste buds taste the sugar, but this cancels out the alkalizing effects of SuperGreens. Avoid mixing sweeteners into the drink.
(One last note... Folks will often ask if they need the Prime pH. Here's the deal: No. It's a great product, but if you're needing to be economical, then I recommend substituting a few drops of lemon juice. I heard Dr. Young himself say in 1998 that lemon or lime juice will help alkalize the water, and I'm sure it still applies.)

Okay then, let's get started!