Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sick and Tired -- Again

Today, I'm sick and tired and stayed home from work. Why?

  • Stressors from work dealing with deadlines and coworkers and too many demands that I'll never be able to meet.
  • Stressors at home trying to be a decent single parent, responsible homeowner and good son/brother/nephew/cousin/friend.
  • Poor eating habits, poor sleeping habits, and poor social habits.
  • No time for myself to rejuvenate, rest or even think.

I keep coming back to this place of too much acidity and too little alkalizing. Why?

There are probably lots of reasons... fear of success, lack of mindfulness, avoidance, unclear goals, lack of control, caught up in a spiral of demands, locking up or zoning out from overwhelm, doing too much, sugar addiction, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

My day job is a psychotherapist, so I know all this.

Probably, you know all this, too.

It can be really interesting to figure it out.
It probably even helps in the long run.

BUT a better question is, What am I going to do now?

I had drank a glass of SuperGreens earlier but was about to toast a second bagel when I noticed I was feeling sorry for myself.

That was it: The moment I regained some mindfulness

I FELT in my body the decision I was about to make:
Eat a bagel or do something else?

Thankfully, I have two habits that made it easy to make an alkalizing decision:
  • Drinking a glass of SuperGreens almost every morning since 1998
  • Meditating five or more days a week since 2011
Next to the bagels was my 420g SuperGreens container staring at me. I put the bagels away, reached for my water bottle, mixed it up, and drank.

I know it was the right decision.

Any step in the right direction---no matter how small, no matter isolated---is always the right step to take. It doesn't matter how far off track you go. Huge airplanes are always moving off course because of the winds, but they make the needed corrections so they can reach the right destination.
Find an Alkalizing Destination
Find an Alkalizing Destination
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