Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Detoxification Cleanse

My cleanse is going well and as expected, as you can see from the slight improvements in my self-ratings at the end of the blog. I found myself wanting to go to sleep earlier than usual last night, so I did, and because I'm on vacation, I slept until I felt rested and wanted to wake--about ten hours. I expect that my sleep needs will get to about seven hours per night after then cleanse (based on my past results).

What am I doing to Cleanse?

Someone emailed a question for what I'm using on my cleanse. Thanks, and here's what I'm doing:

1. Four to five liters (or more) of water spaced throughout the day with:
  • Three scoops of SuperGreens
  • A dropper full of Prime pH
  • For "mealtime" liters, I add 2-3 scoops of InnerLight's SuperSoy Powder or 1 scoop of Vega One Nutritional Shake (see www.myvega.com--strictly speaking, this is not green, but I do it just to mix things up for variety).
2. Then I take these supplements from InnerLight, also with the "mealtime" liters:

3. I also had a bowl of pureed broccoli for lunch and a bowl of pureed spinach with dinner--both of which are allowed on Dr. Young's and InnerLight's recommended cleanse system.

My Self-Ratings March 26

So for this week, I'm taking subjective ratings to measure my progress:
pH Level: 6.65--a little better... salivary pH strip testing is not super accurate, so this is only a guide (From oral pH strips available from InnerLight... 6.75-7.00 is good for saliva, 7.365 for blood)
Energy: 3 and sick--more energy but definitely detoxing (0=No Energy, 10=Maximum Vibrant Energy [my comparison will be to when I used to run marathons])
Back Pain: 4--still got lower back pain but markedly better, I plan to use an inversion board for stretching later today (0=No pain, 10 =Most Pain--go to the ER)
Weight: -1.5 pounds--Down 1.5 pounds... typical for the first day of a cleanse but nothing to get excited about yet (I'm keeping the actual weight to myself, but I publish the change--btw, it's not about weight, but I want to put this measure in to show the changes that are possible.)

Questions on a Seven-Day Cleanse?

I'm happy to answer more questions if you post them in the comments section or send an email to me at mharris_at_innerlightinc_dot_com
More information can also be found at www.innerlightinc.com/WhyCleanse_Family.aspx?ID=mharris

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