Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Detoxification Cleanse Rights Itself

So, back on track with my SuperGreens and vegan protein breakfast mix. I was near the co-op today (Seward Co-op) and took advantage of having a freshly juiced totally green vegetable drink called "Salad in a Cup."

Another positive...

Saying good-bye to coffee, which actually makes me a little sad. However, I can feel the coffee churning around in my system, too. Yes, all right! I had trouble letting go of that, too, but it's the last surprise--Really, it is.
So, I have a few coffee beans left that I don't want to waste but I want to be done with coffee for now. My rationalization is to take just one cup of coffee per day (down from WAY more than that), and wean myself off it. It's working pretty much how I expected: mild coffee headache, less acidic coffee churning up my system and a better cleanse.
I figure I need two or three cups (at least!) of SuperGreens to just begin balancing out the negative effects of coffee, but I'm committed to eliminating coffee and having a more alkaline diet as an outcome from my cleanse. So, goodbye coffee, hello tea. I'll be expanding my tea collection over the next few days, but I'm pretty sure I'll be getting Tulsi tea, as an Ayurvedic practitioner recommended that and several others to me (among other recommendations).
Ok, that's all for today, except the ratings...

My Self-Ratings March 28:

pH Level: 6.65--back down... Remember, salivary pH strip testing is not super accurate, so this is only a guide (From oral pH strips available from InnerLight... 6.75-7.00 is good for saliva, 7.365 for blood)
Energy: 5 and not so sick--more energy and still detoxing (0=No Energy, 10=Maximum Vibrant Energy [my comparison will be to when I used to run marathons])
Back Pain: 2.5--still there and yet the 
inversion board seems to help (0=No pain, 10=Most Pain--go to the ER)
Weight: -2.5 pounds--Lost another pound over the last 24 hours... that helps keep some motivation going! (I'm keeping the actual weight to myself, but I publish the change--btw, it's not about weight, but I want to put this measure in to show the changes that are possible.)

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