Monday, March 25, 2013

Dis-Ease & My Detoxification Cleanse

When is the best time for a Cleanse?

I'd been thinking about a cleanse for more than a year, but keep putting it off... there's the holidays, a birthday, a work event or whatever... a lot of times there's nothing "healthy" nearby--meaning I haven't planned well enough or am too lazy
The truth is: those were my excuses.
Yes, it's harder to cleanse with all that going on, and healthy eating does require some planning time, but basically, there's no best time, so just do it now, right?

Relieving Dis-ease Begins...

Delicious Glass of SuperGreens
Delicious Glass of
Well, I have a week-long vacation now and ran out of excuses, so I started cleansing yesterday and immediately got sick!

Now, this may seem bizarre if you're never cleansed... why would I start such a healthy activity then get sick?

My body was "holding it together" to get through the stress. That's great for survival and shows how amazing our bodies are, but with few alkalizing activities for balance, acidity built up to affect my energy, weight, concentration and back pain.

Once my body "knew" it had a week-long break coming, felt the stress ease, and had SuperGreens and other alkalizing activities for balance, it could "let go" and start detoxifying from the cleanse.

The result?

For the short-term, I will appear and feel "sick," but that is simply my body purging toxins and acidity, working in a natural way to cleanse itself and improve my health to alkalinity.

My Self-Ratings

Food pH Scale
So for this week, I'm taking subjective ratings to measure my progress:
pH Level: 6.6 (From oral pH strips available from InnerLight... 6.75-7.00 is good for saliva)
Energy: 1 and sick (0=No Energy, 10=Maximum Vibrant Energy [my comparison will be to when I used to run marathons])
Back Pain: 6 (0=No pain, 10 =Most Pain--go to the ER)
Weight: 0--No change yet (Ok, I'm keeping the actual weight to myself, but I'll publish the change--btw, it's not about weight, but I want to put this measure in to show the changes that are possible.)

Questions on a Seven-Day Cleanse?

I'm happy to answer questions if you post them in the comments section or send an email to me at mharris_at_innerlightinc_dot_com
More information can also be found at

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