Saturday, March 2, 2013

Acidification of Coastal Waters - How's Your Personal Terrain?

Some US Coastal Waters Resist Ocean Acidification Better Than Others - How Is Your Body at Resisting Acidification?

View of North America and Acid Levels of Ocean Coasts
CREDIT: NOAA Environmental Visualization Lab &
NBC Science News and Live Science had this headline recently:
Ocean Acidification Affects Northeastern US Coasts More
Original reports: NBC science News & Live Science.

In the above photo, you can see the tilt toward acidification near many coastal lands, and extreme acidification around certain areas--notice the mouth of the Mississippi River and where the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico occurred, and the northeastern area of the US.

The point of the article is that certain areas are more sensitive to an increase in acidity than others. For instance, the mollusks in the NE could never handle as much acidification as the Gulf has. A previous article noted that the oceans' acidity levels are increasing faster than in the past 300 million years.

This is scary but science is showing this, and it makes me wonder two things especially:
  • A higher and more concentrated acidity level must be harder to solve and coax back to balance once it's gotten out of hand, and
  • How's the internal terrain of your body?

Dr. Robert Young and InnerLight often use the fish tank metaphor, in which the cells of our body are swimming in the fluids of our bodies. Just like the oceans, each peson's body can be affected differently by acidification, but acidification is the root problem.

That's why any effort you make toward alkalizing your lifestyle is good for you.

Steps toward an alkalizing lifestyle can be as simple as avoiding too much stress, getting enough sleep, and/or staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water. And, it can range all the way to a 7-Day Cleanse using green juices and following an Alkaline Eating Guide.

It's been a while since I've taken the 7-Day Cleanse, but I just poured a liter of water and mixed in the Prime pH, SuperGreens, and Alka-Blast.

Wouldn't it be great to get my energy back on track?

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