Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Slip in My Detoxification Cleanse

Okay, so yesterday my cleanse was going so well, and then I "decided" to have a single grilled Italian sausage at dinner last night. I immediately regretted that and could feel it churning around in my stomach, screwing up the alkaline-acid balance I'd worked on for just over two days.

Why Did I Do That?

Basically, I fooled myself into thinking told I was being deprived.
I was sitting with two family members and they were eating, and I wanted to connect, and I also wanted to taste the sausage. I remember the sensation... Not really a physical feeling, but an emotional one that I started imagining to be pain.

It Really Wasn't Pain

A short meditation would have reminded me of that--that it wasn't really true pain--but that what I actually wanted was to connect to my dinner-mates and the taste of sausage!
Again, some mindfulness or meditation would have solved the problem and let me continue on with my cleanse without slipping--BECAUSE I could still connect with my family AND stay on my cleanse, knowing that positive results would come from both.

Well, I concentrated on the guilt feelings afterward--in the sense of noticing them, but not interacting with them--and it came to me that my slip came and now it had gone.
It allowed me to just move forward in the same cleansing direction as I was going. I didn't "ruin" anything and didn't need to catastrophize, which would simply cause more emotional pain.

Benefits of Meditation for Cleansing Health

If you'd like to know more about meditation to support your cleanse (or other goals), check out the Wild Divine's Relaxing Rhythms meditation page on this blog or click on the banner below.

My Self-Ratings

Food pH Scale
Here are my subjective ratings for today:
pH Level: 6.6 (From oral pH strips available from InnerLightt... 6.75-7.00 is good for saliva)
Energy: 4 and still a little sick (0=No Energy, 10=Maximum Vibrant Energy [my comparison will be to when I used to run marathons])
Back Pain: 3--A chiropractic visit really helped with this, too (0=No pain, 10 =Most Pain--go to the ER)
Weight: -1.5 pounds--No change from yesterday (Ok, it must be the Italian sausage!)

Questions on a Seven-Day Cleanse?

I'm happy to answer questions if you post them in the comments section or send an email to me at mharris_at_innerlightinc_dot_com
More information can also be found at

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