Friday, February 8, 2013

SuperGreens Have Lowered Prices in 2013

SuperGreensTM Price Reductions in 2013!

All InnerLightTM products have been reduced by 25% - 45% in all countries worldwide!

Lower prices and simplified ordering!

InnerLightTM made the decision as a company to move away from traditional network marketing and simply have a limited number of dealers. Doing so allows the opportunity to offer you the best possible pricing on all the products directly.

All products have been reduced by 25% - 45% in all countries worldwide.
For example:
Price of 1 lb SuperGreensTM in 2012: US $134.00
Price of 1 lb SuperGreensTM in 2013: US $84.95
Smaller sizes available for US$27.95 and US$39.95.
Prices converted to local currencies.

Want to place an order? Go to now--
No more online applications, no annual fees or renewals, no wholesale/retail pricing. Get the best pricing all the time for all the products, especially the flagship cornerstone product: the original SUPERGREENSTM!

More news:

Beginning February 2013, InnerLightTM will be offering an electronic newsletter featuring exclusive information and special offers. To sign up, just go to, choose your country, and then fill out the form on the home page. It is that simple!

InnerLight Worldwide Mission Statement:

"It is the commitment at InnerLight to offer products that enable everyone on the planet to experience 'Inner Health and Outer Beauty.'"
(Here is the InnerLightTM Philosophy)

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