Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Holidays: Your Health, Your Weight, and Your Good Time!

Monday, December 12th at 9:00PM EST (UTC-5)
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"Holidays: Your Health, Your Weight, and Your Good Time!"

Serve alkaline choices during the holidays!
Choose InnerLight products to support you through the holiday
Host: Stephanie McAnly

Join Stephanie McAnly and Rosalina Hom, InnerLight leader, nutritional coach, and InnerLight product and New Biology expert, on these very special calls for the holidays! These calls are planned to coach and support you through the holidays. You will learn which products to use to support your attempt to stay balanced and what products to have on hand should you lapse during the many parties and gatherings you will attend between now and New Years. You will also learn about many alternatives that are available, delicious and easy to prepare. Our plan is to also prepare you for the company wide cleanse which always takes place in January.

In addition to the invaluable information and education these calls provide for you, they are ALSO an excellent way for you to introduce the InnerLight community, products and program to anyone that you know who would be interested in both or either of the InnerLight opportunities: The opportunity to achieve optimal health easily, quickly and safely and the opportunity to earn a supplemental or serious income through the privilege of introducing the InnerLight program to others. Let us do the work for you. Mark your calendars now! December 12th and 19th remain!

These three calls are for supporting you through the holidays and prepare you for the "After Holiday Cleanse" which takes place in January.

Next Call: Monday, December 19, 9PM EST (UTC-5)
Health is a CHOICE!

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