Sunday, November 13, 2011

Four Special Holiday Calls Beginning November 14

Monday, November 14th, 2011 at 9:00PM EST (UTC-5)
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"Thanksgiving: A Time to Be Grateful To Our Bodies"

Serve alkaline choices on Thanksgiving Day!
Choose InnerLight products to support you through the holiday
Host: Stephanie McAnly

Rosalina Hom--InnerLight leader, New Biology expert, and top nutritional coach--will describe what a traditional Thanksgiving meal with alkaline foods can look and taste like. She will inspire us to make the changes that will allow family and friends to change beliefs about alkalizing and not feel deprived!

Preparing the Thanksgiving meal in this fashion is a great way to introduce the InnerLight program to family and friends who will realize that healthy choices can be part of a traditional holiday meal. She will also explain what role the InnerLight supplements play during this time of the year. Make sure to have paper and pencil handy.

Don’t miss this important call and invite everyone that could use this information! These calls offer you education not found elsewhere, and they are a great way to build your business by sharing the InnerLight program and product information with others.

This call and the three to follow November 21 & December are for supporting you through the holidays and prepare you for the "After Holiday Cleanse" which takes place in January.

Next Call: Monday, November 21, 9PM EST (UTC-5)
Health is a CHOICE!

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