Monday, March 28, 2011

SuperGreens and Finding Balance

The great thing about SuperGreens is getting your pH level re-balanced, but don't forget about the non-physical parts of your being.
Emotional balance is important in supporting an Alkaline lifestyle, too. I'd like to introduce you to Rodney Yee, a well-known yoga trainer who has some really accessible videos for beginning and more advanced yoga, which can be an important component of balancing your mind and emotions. This is purely an informational referral, but I've gotten great results with his training videos.

Finally, don't forget the Wild Divine, biofeedback in a pleasant, easy format on your laptop.
Happy balancing!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Start Your Cleanse and Weight Loss!

We're now into spring in the northern hemisphere (although it just snowed this morning in Minneapolis!)...

What better time than to start a mini cleansing by adding SuperGreens to your daily ritual? Make a liter in the morning to drink before breakfast and another one right after lunch to help with the mid-day sugar drop!

Find your SuperGreens products from InnerLight here!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Shining the InnerLight on Heart Health

Monday, March 7th, 9PM ET (UTC-5)

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"Shining the InnerLight on Heart Health" 

As the series of calls on optimal health continues, next is "What makes the heart pump and how do we keep it healthy?"  Guest speaker, Rosalina Hom, will "shed the InnerLight" on heart health and all you need to know about how to keep your heart at optimal health through the InnerLight program and products. 

Don’t miss this important call and make sure you invite everyone that could use this information! These calls are a great way to learn about the InnerLight program and products.

Click this link for more information on SuperGreens, InnerLight's flagship product.