Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Cleanse Call Series

January 10th-16th; 9:00PM EST (NYC Time Zone)
Dial +1-712-338-8000; Use PIN 7039#
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Monday, January 10th:  What is a successful cleanse?  We will discuss what you will be consuming, the InnerLight supplements you will be taking and what to expect during these next seven days.  Stephanie McAnly, Mary Ann Green and Special Guest!

Tuesday, January 11th:  This call will get you over the "day two hump".  We will explain the challenges you are probably facing and what you should do to overcome them.  Stephanie McAnly and Rosalina Hom.

Wednesday, January 12th:  Dr. Audrey Wright, a colon therapist, will explain the importance of a clean colon to your overall health and how this cleanse affects that organ.

Thursday, January 13th:  This call will discuss how to manage stress with the InnerLight products and how a "clean" body helps to manage stress.  Guest speaker, Dr. Mario Mancinni, will be interviewed by Mary Ann Green to explain how and why this combination works.

Friday, January 14th:  Can cleansing bring the body back to a state of health?  Learn the answer to this question from people who have overcome incredible challenges.  Rosalina Hom interviews others who have had success on the InnerLight program.

Saturday, January 15th:  Crossing the finish line!  Tonight you will learn what consistency and determination will do for your health and your life.  Special Guest Stu Mittleman, ultra long-distrance runner, and long time follower of the InnerLight program.

Sunday, January l6th:  Jim and Marie Dahlen will interview people that have completed the cleanse successfully and discuss what you do next to maximize the benefits of the cleanse.

To order the necessary products go to and click on "Why InnerLightat the top of the page.  Scroll down to "7 Day Cleanse" where it will list the products for a "good, better or best" cleanse.

This cleanse call series is for YOU.  It is a great way to kick off your good health AND your InnerLight business for a healthful, successful and prosperous 2011.

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