Sunday, August 1, 2010

The 30-Day Challenge: Day 1

So, my 7-Day Cleanse really energized me, but staying on a full-time SuperGreens juice cleanse is just not possible--and then there was drift... bad habits crept back in to my lifestyle and undermined my progress. I'm not all the way back to before my cleanse, but it will happen if I don't stop.

Friday though, I received an encouraging email from my own InnerLight IBC enrollers, Jim and Marie Dahlen (click to see them in an earlier post), suggesting their downline try 30 days of an alkaline lifestyle.
For me, this email arrived just at the right time, because I knew I was sliding back down the acidic path but wanted to be healthy and fully energized for some travel I am planning at the end of the month.

Their first suggestion was to believe 100% that you can make these changes for 30 days--an investment I've made before in the past. I'd already followed their first suggestion, so the rest was easy.

Today, I planned out what exactly my goals are and made a chart to reach them. My goals are:
  1. Track the foods I eat for 30 days, plus weight and activities
  2. Make a tracking Chart - Feel free to copy and use it
  3. Blog about my progress, to create accountability and more goals
Also, if you're wondering exactly what body alkalinity and pH is, click this link for a terrific presentation from InnerLight: Alkalizing Presentation

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