Sunday, July 11, 2010

Alkalizing Your Life with Meditation Too

Supergreens and proper diet is essential for decreasing acidity and increasing the alkalinity of your body. However, poor nutritional patterns are rarely (if ever) the only source of acidity... of being sick and tired.

Lifestyle and life stressors are just as important. Negativity in our lives also impedes our goals toward an alkalizing lifestyle and can also prevent a positive state of mind. Meditation, a quieting of the mind, is a healthy practice that can help reduce the amount of internal stress and inoculate us against external stresses--believe me, I know!

Eighteen months ago, I had a severe case of "the nerves" because of stressful work--even with all the SuperGreens I was drinking: upset stomach, headaches that would last for four or five days, insomnia and bad dreams, high blood pressure, and I even became short-tempered (which was not at all like me).

Nothing was working by itself, so I began acupuncture but also a psychologist recommended biofeedback and introduced me to the Wild Divine: Computer software and a biofeedback sensor that I could use in the comfort of my own home to get my body calmed. I'll go into more details in the next blog, but I have to say that this was the jump-start to my regaining health, and I offer it as a suggestion to anyone who is under a lot of stress.

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