Monday, June 7, 2010

7-Day Alkalizing Cleanse with SuperGreens: Day 3

Day 2 finished well and now here it is the end of Day 3... my first day at work on the alkalizing detox cleanse. I started off well enough with a liter of SuperGreens, per my habit of the past two days: Habits are built one day at a time, but actually I have drank a liter of SuperGreens most mornings for over ten years. The harder part is sustaining this throughout the day though.

Even with a good start, I could feel the stress later in the morning and a small, gnawing urge to eat.

However, I had meditated this morning and I strongly committed to achieving my alkaline balance over these seven days, so I think that made it easier to take stock of my emotions.
It became a simple decision: alkalize or acidify...

I decided to alkalize and just made the green drink. I did that two more times during the day at work, and that helped a lot. Without thinking about it too much, I noticed that I felt just a little bit friendlier and a little bit happier than in the past few weeks on my way home from work.

With my fourth liter of SuperGreens just now this evening, and another delicious split-pea soup (I think that's on the alkaline diet), I think this is working well. (Plus, I dropped another pound!)

I was also going to mention that InnerLight recommends LL Prime pH to help increase the alkalinity of the water mixed with SuperGreens; however, I remember Dr. Robert Young saying in past lectures that it is fine to mix in a few drops of lemon juice, which will also do the trick and save a few dollars.

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