Sunday, June 6, 2010

7-Day Alkalizing Cleanse with SuperGreens: Day 2

Day 1 went without a hitch... Got a little hungry, but then I just kept thinking that this is a "shower from the inside!" and focusing on the results that will come: more energy, more health, more better!

Also, I woke up today with a 1.5 pound weight loss, which was nice to see as a little encouragement.

For the alkalizing cleanse, I drank four liters of SuperGreens yesterday, an afternoon and evening bowl of split-pea soup, and some liquid fiber I bought at my local co-op. This made for a nice "liquid feast" (remember, not a fast), as there are three guidelines for the cleanse:
  1. What you eat has to be green;
  2. What you eat has to be pureed or liquid; and
  3. You may eat as often as you like.
Forgot to say that my mix of green drink included the three scoops of SuperGreens and three scoops of the Organic Hemp Protein Powder but also one scoop of Clay Powder Earth Essence -- it has lots of minerals and also absorbs more toxins as I'm detoxifying.

I also listened to the Opening Cleanse Call for support and more information. It featured Dr. Robert O. Young, the developer of SuperGreens. Sounds like Days 2 or 3 tend to be the hardest for people, but so far today has been fine. I suspect that tomorrow will be harder because I will be back to work without the ease of having everything set up in my kitchen to keep to my cleanse.
Perhaps some morning meditation will be helpful along with listening to the second call in the series on the InnerLight website...

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