Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Special on Natural Essentials


InnerLight is having a special on our 4 pack of Natural Essentials. This pack of skin care products contains the Gentle Cleanser, Oxygen Mist, the Hydrating Serum and the Day/Night Moisturizing Crème and can retail for as much as $200. Between now and January 3rdthis product is available at distributor pricing for just $90 in all warehouses worldwide! That is over 25% savings in the USA...a 35% + savings in Europe. If you are running low, now is the time to stock up on this amazing product If you have never tried Natural Essentials before, there has never been a better time with these incredible discounts. Great as Holiday gifts and for those discerning skin care product users. This line is fragrance free and designed for both woman and men.

What is Natural Essentials? InnerLight’s Natural Essentials system is a miracle of nature and advanced sciences. These products are created on a simple premise: No questionable ingredients! Their skin care is both safe and efficacious. InnerLight uses natural, organic and toxin-free ingredients with integrity and consistent with their mission, ensuring that dangerous chemical lathering agents, preservatives, parabens, carcinogens and animal products (or testing!) are not used in any way. These products use the finest botanicals and plant-sourced ingredients and utilize cutting-edge biopeptide and nano technologies. The active ingredients are of the highest quality and the complete Natural Essentials system can restore amazing results for skin tone and texture. You will simply be amazed at what this product can do!

What goes on your body is just as important as what goes in your body! Inner health reflects how we look on the outside, but what we put on the outside also has an effect on inner health.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Thanksgiving Resolution

What a great day to start your SuperGreens supplementation! Family, friends, food... and a fantastic opportunity to start (or re-start) your alkalizing lifestyle: Alkalize, exercise, energize!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

PS/Has Thanksgiving gotten you stressed out? Try out the Wild Divine for meditation training and a more resilient approach to life!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Two InnerLight events in Scandinavia

InnerLight President & CEO Kevin Brogan will be traveling in Europe next week and there will be two public events in Scandinavia as follows:
Oslo, Norway
Sunday, October 17th @ 4:00PM
Hundsund Grendesenter
Snarøyveien 81,
1367 Snarøya
Helsinki, Finland
Tuesday October 19th @ 6:00PM
Prof. Helsinki
Kansakoulunkatu 1
00100 Helsinki

Contact for more information.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Quote for the Week

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.
~ William Shakespeare

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The 30-Day Challenge: Day 3: Alkalizing Starter Bundle

Day 3 of my 30-Day Alkalizing Challenge improved over Day 2.
I increased the alkalinity of my diet by adding fresh heirloom tomatoes to breakfast and lessening the amount of sugar in my coffee (which I have cut down to 1-1/2 venti servings per day--way down from my usual 3-4 venti servings... also, my "caffeine withdrawal headache" is gone).

I had less physical exercise today (it was VERY muggy and over 90 degrees!), but taking time for meditation and using the chi machine helped me focus and feel better for the rest of the day. Nevertheless, I had a small weight loss of two pounds since Day 1: See my tracking chart

Finally, don't forget the SuperGreens! I mixed in some organic, squeezed lemon juice to the SuperGreens and water, which increases the alkalinity further, because I didn't have any LL Prime pH on hand.

However, InnerLight does sell a nice Starter Bundle package, which includes powdered SuperGreens, LL Prime pH, a Water bottle, Alkalarian Optimal Health Booklet, SuperGreen Instruction card, a full Product Catalog, and a Health Talk CD to give further encouragement in your alkalizing lifestyle--at a modest discount than if everything were purchased separately.
Well, until tomorrow... Happy Alkalizing!

Monday, August 2, 2010

The 30-Day Challenge: Day 2

Well, day 2 here, and everything seems to be going well enough. The main thing I noticed today is that my breakfast is pretty acidic-oriented. I used to eat salads for breakfast, so I'll try that out tomorrow. Also, I cut down to one coffee yesterday and got a significant headache, but I just headed out on my bike for a 2 hour ride around the city's bike trails, and everything seemed okay. I plan to continue tomorrow!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The 30-Day Challenge: Day 1

So, my 7-Day Cleanse really energized me, but staying on a full-time SuperGreens juice cleanse is just not possible--and then there was drift... bad habits crept back in to my lifestyle and undermined my progress. I'm not all the way back to before my cleanse, but it will happen if I don't stop.

Friday though, I received an encouraging email from my own InnerLight IBC enrollers, Jim and Marie Dahlen (click to see them in an earlier post), suggesting their downline try 30 days of an alkaline lifestyle.
For me, this email arrived just at the right time, because I knew I was sliding back down the acidic path but wanted to be healthy and fully energized for some travel I am planning at the end of the month.

Their first suggestion was to believe 100% that you can make these changes for 30 days--an investment I've made before in the past. I'd already followed their first suggestion, so the rest was easy.

Today, I planned out what exactly my goals are and made a chart to reach them. My goals are:
  1. Track the foods I eat for 30 days, plus weight and activities
  2. Make a tracking Chart - Feel free to copy and use it
  3. Blog about my progress, to create accountability and more goals
Also, if you're wondering exactly what body alkalinity and pH is, click this link for a terrific presentation from InnerLight: Alkalizing Presentation

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Alkalizing Your Life with Meditation Too

Supergreens and proper diet is essential for decreasing acidity and increasing the alkalinity of your body. However, poor nutritional patterns are rarely (if ever) the only source of acidity... of being sick and tired.

Lifestyle and life stressors are just as important. Negativity in our lives also impedes our goals toward an alkalizing lifestyle and can also prevent a positive state of mind. Meditation, a quieting of the mind, is a healthy practice that can help reduce the amount of internal stress and inoculate us against external stresses--believe me, I know!

Eighteen months ago, I had a severe case of "the nerves" because of stressful work--even with all the SuperGreens I was drinking: upset stomach, headaches that would last for four or five days, insomnia and bad dreams, high blood pressure, and I even became short-tempered (which was not at all like me).

Nothing was working by itself, so I began acupuncture but also a psychologist recommended biofeedback and introduced me to the Wild Divine: Computer software and a biofeedback sensor that I could use in the comfort of my own home to get my body calmed. I'll go into more details in the next blog, but I have to say that this was the jump-start to my regaining health, and I offer it as a suggestion to anyone who is under a lot of stress.

Click the banner below to link to the website:

If no banner appears, click here.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Alkalizing and Energizing Benefits

I found a video on YouTube from Innerlight about SuperGreens and LL Prime pH and how they work together to alkalize your body and give more energy. Enjoy!

Friday, June 11, 2010

7-Day Alkalizing Cleanse with SuperGreens: Day 7

Finally, Day 7 of my alkalizing cleanse has come and almost gone...

I have been very busy this week at work planning for and getting a major conference ready for next week, so I have had a lot of errands, jobs, directing, thinking, decisions, phone calls, and little sleep over this cleanse.

But, to tell the truth, my energy level is terrific; my stress management and stress level are (unexpectedly) great; and my mood is very positive. I really am surprised.

I celebrated the end of my cleanse with a small sushi dinner--and SuperGreens!

It was great. More posts will come, but not one every day. Nevertheless, I did have positive feelings and results from this cleanse--forgot to mention that I had a total weight loss of nine pounds!--so look over the reasons for cleansing for yourself. Thanks!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

7-Day Alkalizing Cleanse with SuperGreens: Day 6

Okay... got to make it quick tonight on Day 6!! (Can hardly believe it!)

Still feeling great and glad I am in the cleanse, but swamped for time because my work is putting on a huge conference and I have too little time today. Fortunately, I feel on top of my game in a way I haven't felt for years. I credit it to the SuperGreens and the cleanse, for sure. More tomorrow though!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

7-Day Alkalizing Cleanse with SuperGreens: Day 5

Day 5 of the alkalizing cleanse has come and just about gone. Another busy day at work and it was easy to forget to pay attention to things. I started off with one liter of SuperGreens, but forgot to have anymore until after noon, and then it was only a half liter--but it was good and gave me a boost.

I got tempted by some soup that was not split-pea and not very much green pureed vegetables either. Even though my weight loss continued (I lost two more pounds as of this morning), one or two of them might be back by tomorrow. I guess time will tell.

So, I look at my posting here and think, what is going on?

No meditation today. So, now I've just mixed another liter of SuperGreens, and even though it's past 10:00pm here, I am going on a short meditation walk to get refocused and set myself a reminder in the morning to take stock again.

Even so, my mood feels more balanced and the stressful day at work mostly just rolled off my back.

Well, off to my walk, and Day 6 starts tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

7-Day Alkalizing Cleanse with SuperGreens: Day 4

Okay... wow. Day 4 of my alkalizing cleanse is here, and I completed it--still going strong!

Started the day right with another liter of SuperGreens and some fiber. Still using the dissolving fiber I got from the co-op, but my Fibrada Plus arrived, and I started using that, too. I've used Fibrada in the past, and it definitely gets the colon moving the toxins out--not harsh, but it gets the job done!

In case anybody is interested, here is the ingredient for Fibrada Plus: Rhubarb Root, Butternut Bark Root, Cascara Sagrada, Psyllium Seeds, Apple Pectin, Wheat Bran, Irish Moss, Bentonite, Dulse Leaf, Alfalfa, Parsley Leaves, Calcium Ascorbate, d-Calcium Pantothenate, Calcium Phosphate, Ferric Phosphate, Sodium Phosphate, Potassium Phosphate, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Sulphate.

I have also noticed other signs of detox, including a few skin eruptions, but this is natural and that usually happens to me when I detox, too.

At work, I feel like today could have been really stressful, but it was easier to handle than I expected, and I'm in a positive mood even though I had to work really late tonight (see the late entry? ...almost midnight and moving into Day 5!)

Finally, my weight loss continues... down another pound and a half this morning! I know some of it is just water and cleansing of the colon, but it's nice to see anyways.

Monday, June 7, 2010

7-Day Alkalizing Cleanse with SuperGreens: Day 3

Day 2 finished well and now here it is the end of Day 3... my first day at work on the alkalizing detox cleanse. I started off well enough with a liter of SuperGreens, per my habit of the past two days: Habits are built one day at a time, but actually I have drank a liter of SuperGreens most mornings for over ten years. The harder part is sustaining this throughout the day though.

Even with a good start, I could feel the stress later in the morning and a small, gnawing urge to eat.

However, I had meditated this morning and I strongly committed to achieving my alkaline balance over these seven days, so I think that made it easier to take stock of my emotions.
It became a simple decision: alkalize or acidify...

I decided to alkalize and just made the green drink. I did that two more times during the day at work, and that helped a lot. Without thinking about it too much, I noticed that I felt just a little bit friendlier and a little bit happier than in the past few weeks on my way home from work.

With my fourth liter of SuperGreens just now this evening, and another delicious split-pea soup (I think that's on the alkaline diet), I think this is working well. (Plus, I dropped another pound!)

I was also going to mention that InnerLight recommends LL Prime pH to help increase the alkalinity of the water mixed with SuperGreens; however, I remember Dr. Robert Young saying in past lectures that it is fine to mix in a few drops of lemon juice, which will also do the trick and save a few dollars.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

7-Day Alkalizing Cleanse with SuperGreens: Day 2

Day 1 went without a hitch... Got a little hungry, but then I just kept thinking that this is a "shower from the inside!" and focusing on the results that will come: more energy, more health, more better!

Also, I woke up today with a 1.5 pound weight loss, which was nice to see as a little encouragement.

For the alkalizing cleanse, I drank four liters of SuperGreens yesterday, an afternoon and evening bowl of split-pea soup, and some liquid fiber I bought at my local co-op. This made for a nice "liquid feast" (remember, not a fast), as there are three guidelines for the cleanse:
  1. What you eat has to be green;
  2. What you eat has to be pureed or liquid; and
  3. You may eat as often as you like.
Forgot to say that my mix of green drink included the three scoops of SuperGreens and three scoops of the Organic Hemp Protein Powder but also one scoop of Clay Powder Earth Essence -- it has lots of minerals and also absorbs more toxins as I'm detoxifying.

I also listened to the Opening Cleanse Call for support and more information. It featured Dr. Robert O. Young, the developer of SuperGreens. Sounds like Days 2 or 3 tend to be the hardest for people, but so far today has been fine. I suspect that tomorrow will be harder because I will be back to work without the ease of having everything set up in my kitchen to keep to my cleanse.
Perhaps some morning meditation will be helpful along with listening to the second call in the series on the InnerLight website...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

7-Day Alkalizing Cleanse with SuperGreens: Day 1

I have been thinking to do a SuperGreens cleanse for the past few weeks, and today is the day to start it.

Why today, instead of yesterday or tomorrow?
Because I can feel myself getting sick and tired, but mostly because I have stopped telling myself excuses not to do the cleanse...

"I'm too busy..."
"I'm too stressed and will forget and eat solid food anyways..."
"I have no will power..."
"I will miss my food..."
"I won't be able to socialize with friends..."
"I will have to run all over the place for lunch time looking for a juice bar..."

These and other things are basically little lies I have been telling myself to let myself off the hook and ignore my health. But I am confronting them as the lies they are...
They simply aren't true.

So, when I woke up today, I drank a liter of water mixed with a dash of lemon juice (to increase its alkalinity), three small scoops of SuperGreens (the ultimate alkalizing food) and three small scoops of Organic Hemp Protein Powder (because I plan to lift weights today and can use the protein and fiber).

I also had a cup of delicious coffee--not exactly alkalizing, but I plan to wean myself off the coffee, or at least to decaf coffee.

After I already started, I remembered there are helpful suggestions and audio recordings to help you through a cleanse on the InnerLight website.

I'll check those out later today, but here is the link for now: 7-Day Cleanse


Monday, May 31, 2010

Alkalize, energize, exercise, and feel great!

Welcome to the newly reformatted website where you can learn about SuperGreens and keep up-to-date on news, information and new products that can support your balanced, alkalizing lifestyle. I will be placing occasional blog postings here along with videos and other relevant pieces of information, so check back frequently or subscribe to this blog through Google.

But remember, for the fastest way to cleanse your system and alkalize your lifestyle, check out SuperGreens, InnerLight Inc., and all their great products from InnerLight IBC Michael Harris (ID# 18174):

Thank you, and have a terrific day!